My Diet Starts… Tomorrow 

Hey there!  I go by B and I’m here to talk all about my fitness journey that starts… tomorrow!  (Ever heard that one before?)

Well I have definitely used that line before.  If I had lost a pound for every time I claimed my diet was starting on Monday I would be at my goal weight by now.  However for some reason I have not had the motivation to actually get started.  In the meantime, my weight has had no problem continuing to creep up, at times frustratingly, and at times sneakily.  Particularly the past 20 pounds or so have seemed to come out of no where.  Right now, I weigh 240 pounds as a 5’11 person.

That number makes me really sad.  I am not here to talk about trying to love my body as it is, or not worrying about numbers on the scale because I should love myself regardless… because I do.  I am for the most part a really happy person and I love my life.  In fact that’s how I got to this weight – drinking, eating out, indulging, just all around enjoying life.  The reason I can’t/don’t want to love my body as it is, is because I know I can be healthier.  There may be plenty of ladies out there with the same numbers as me that are fit and kick ass.  But I currently don’t. 

I used to be an athlete in high school and college and was always naturally thin.  Then the metabolism gods decided I was being ungrateful and abusing this little gift and they took away any and all metabolism I possessed when I turned 25.  No, seriously, it happened just like that.  Ever since then, I have deteriorated into someone who can’t even run a mile and looks like someone that doesn’t care enough about themselves to keep up their health.

So, why now?  I was blessed with a tangible goal in the form of being invited to be a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding this June.  The minute I thought about shopping for a bridesmaid dress, I FREAKED.  I don’t just want to look good in her wedding pictures, I NEED to.  It’s my duty as a bridesmaid!  I refuse to be the girl that let herself go and have that documented in pictures that will be cherished forever.  See, I may be superficial, but only in the name of my friends and making them look good!

I have armed myself with a plan, with short term goals and a long term one, and the motivation of a model getting ready for a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  This is going to SUCK.  That is why I am here on WordPress though, to share how this journey goes and celebrate and commiserate with anyone else trying to get fit. 

Solidarity, sisters!


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