Day One: My Social Life is an Evil Temptress

Reason number 1 through 1000 of why I have not gotten my butt in shape sooner is because there is always a social activity that stands between me and my arbitrary start date.  Using the thought process; “after the party this weekend I will start my diet!”, I have found myself constantly making excuses to delay the process.

Case in point, day one of my journey.  The situation today?  I got to see an old friend that I see maybe two or three times a year.  We went to dinner and my self control immediately melted away because I don’t get to see her often.  Just this once its ok to indulge a little bit right?  When the waiter came to our table, she ordered a margarita that was on special so I ordered the same thing.  MARGARITAS ARE LIKE THE WORST DIET DRINK YOU CAN HAVE.  I didn’t just indulge I abandoned ship the minute social pressure came into play.  

Ultimately, I ended up ordering a salad and only had the one margarita.  I talked to my friend about my goals for losing weight and she said she never would have ordered the drink in the first place had she known!  We had a really nice talk about when she went through a similar change, and had to buckle down for a few months and say no to invitations and use self control when others around her maybe weren’t so much.  It was really nice to hear the reinforcement that she was successful and knew I would be too.  But more importantly, it was a great realization that friends can be really great support systems when trying to accomplish a lofty goal.  

What I realized tonight is that I have to work WITH my friends.  I love dinners and wine nights and get togethers, but if my support system knows what I want to accomplish, they’ll be more likely to nudge me in the right direction rather than be a negative influence.  Realizing I don’t have to accept every invitation or have a glass of wine just because everyone else is, will definitely be important in the coming months, and hey, my friends may even join in on some healthy choices as well!


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