The Stick over the Carrot

This morning, following my usual routine, I watched a five-minute motivational video from the daily video series called DarrenDaily.  Darren Hardy is a performance coach and motivational speaker and every day provides little nuggets of wisdom to lead you towards achieving your goals.  You can sign up for the videos to be sent to your inbox for free and I HIGHLY recommend them as they are quick, informational, and not cheesy like other self-help guides can be!  Although you will wonder how he has so much energy and probably be envious of his beautiful California backyard.

I digress.  The video this morning spoke of what actually motivates us.  Is it the stick or the carrot?  Are we more motivated by fear of a punishment, or by a positive reward?  It turns out that the fear of a consequence or a punishment is a much stronger motivator.  While rewarding ourselves for a job well done is super important, having a consequence in place for not meeting a goal might be worth a try.

After taking in this information, I thought to myself… what would REALLY pain me if I didn’t reach my goal weight?  Darren gives the suggestion of writing a check to an organization you really hate, but that didn’t quite speak to me.  And then it clicked.  SOCIAL MEDIA.

I am a social media whore.  I have a straight obsession with Twitter and tweet multiple times a day.  I have a carefully maintained Instagram, and I make sure to send any funny little things I see throughout the day via Snapchat to my friends.  Facebook is just a standard that we’ve all had for so long that it would be weird to not have one.  But that is precisely what I am going to do.  If I don’t meet the milestones I have set for my weight, I will be deleting any and all social media until I get back on track.

I feel like this is the perfect punishment for not reaching my goal.  Every time I want to eat an unhealthy meal, or anytime I don’t feel like working out, I am going to think about what it will feel like to be cut off from the social internet world.  Not only will it keep me on track as I go, I know that if I were to have to put this consequence into action, I would be at the gym all day, every day, to be able to get back online.

My first deadline is March 16th, so if I am not within 5 pounds of the goal weight I have set, I will be offline.  Since this legitimately makes me uncomfortable, I think I will be hitting the gym extra hard tonight!


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