Pre-Cut Vegetables: Can I Get an AMEN

I have to admit that grocery shopping is not my strong suit.  These are just a few of the problems I have with it.

Number one: I never actually go.  The idea of going to a grocery store on a Sunday with a million other people and trying to navigate parking lot congestion and face traffic jams in the actual aisles of the store… nah thanks fam.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when people aren’t paying attention to what is around them; ie: stopping in the middle of an aisle with no warning, leaving a cart in an extremely inconvenient place and not noticing everyone trying to get by, etc.

Problem number two, I find, is buying the correct amount of food.  I either get so much stuff that it goes bad before I can eat it, or I only buy enough for like 2 days and then wonder what I spent all my money on.  There is no in between.

And lastly, I don’t really enjoy cooking all the time.  I do get random sparks of inspiration to try out a recipe and I like the feeling of cooking something new.  I tried Blue Apron for this exact purpose about a year ago and cooking those meals made me feel like Giada De Laurentiis and the results were amazing.  I actually said to myself “wait, did I really make this?” several times.  But on a usual day by the time I get home, I would rather eat chips for dinner because I’m too lazy and tired to cook something up.  Therefore, buying groceries can be frustrating when I have items on hand to make a dish but never end up making it.

I am sure there are ways to cure my grocery store hatred, but I know that I won’t be putting a home-cooked meal on the table every night like mom does anytime soon, so I am learning ways to make due.  This past weekend as I was shopping for some specific items I needed, I saw something in the produce section, like a ray of light shining through a break in the clouds.  There was an entire wall of precut produce ranging from bell pepper strips to stir-fry mixes to spiralized zucchini, all in ready to go containers.  Some angel in a ShopRite brown vest, had done half the work for me to eat fresh.  That afternoon, I ate peppers dipped in light ranch dressing, and tonight I will be eating that spiralized zucchini with a bit of tomato sauce for a healthy spin on spaghetti.  I can say with certainty, neither of those things would have happened without the help of ready to go foods.

After that diatribe, my conclusion is this; find you a grocery store that helps you take the easy way out but still stay on track! 😉


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