A Good Hair Day =  A Good Diet Day

Ok so not to brag, but the other day I was having a REALLY good hair day.  I rarely do my hair, which is long and straight, and I am content just throwing it into a messy bun for work.  I much prefer the few extra minutes of sleep I can get over dedicating time to my hair when I am not really trying to impress anyone.  Our office has a super casual environment and messy buns are “in” anyway so who cares?

Well, on Thursday, I had an event that night which I needed to be ready for when I left the house in the morning.  So I got dressed into a cute blouse and jeans, and styled and teased my hair and held it back with a cute new headband I got from the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s.  Kohl’s has the BEST cheap jewelery by the way.  As I walked around the office, I noticed a little spring in my step.  I was parading around with an air of confidence I hadn’t felt in a long time.  Instead of hoping that no one would notice me and my weight, as I usually do, I wanted people to see me.

One of the hardest things I find about dieting is the balancing act between motivation to change, and still loving and embracing who you are currently.  In reality, I know I should be viewing this journey as a lifestyle change to be healthier, and not a diet just to get skinny and look good on the outside, but I admit that some days are just harder than others to remember that.  My goal is to lose a lot of weight and I would be completely lying if I said a huge portion of my motivation wasn’t to be happier with the way I look.  There are plenty of days when I hate how I look and the viscous cycle of staying motivated while I’m down on myself can be hard to beat.

That is why I wanted to talk about my fab hair day.  I felt really good about myself and in turn, was in a great mood, and wanted to keep that vibe going.  The conversation happening in my head was like, “Wow, I feel great about myself today.  How can I continue to feel great about myself?  I should eat a healthy lunch, so I can feel great again tomorrow!”.  Putting in the effort on my appearance gave me a confidence boost and helped me remember that I am awesome and beautiful NOW, and it’s not just some thing in the future I have to look forward to.  And because I was cognicent of that fact, I was definitely more motivated to make good choices because that future me seemed more realistic.  I find it hard to imagine being 80 pounds lighter when I am in oversized sweats and a messy pony tail, and contributing to my own poor self-esteem.

I know that beauty is internal, and my diet will never succeed if I am only focused on external factors.  But I have to say, I will definitely be waking up earlier to style my hair in the mornings from now on 😉   


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