I’ve Been Stress Eating Without Realizing It

Time to get real for a minute!

I started this blog/journey about 3 weeks ago, and I had a vision in my head that the pounds would just start falling off right away, and I would have lots of positive things to post about.  That has not been the case, although I have lost a couple of pounds, I am nowhere close to where I would like to be.

One of my favorite things to do when I am feeling stuck is to journal.  It amazes me how I can see things in a new light, or resolve a problem I am having, or just get to the bottom of my feelings.  Letting words flow onto the paper is like talking to someone I really trust, where I can let everything come out truthfully without a filter.  So with the frustration I was feeling about the start of this journey, I took pen to paper.

I never realized it before, but I think I use food as a stress reliever.  So much of our time is spent “adulting” or just trying to navigate life’s challenges.  We work hard for 40 (hah, more like 50) hours a week, we pay our bills on time, we upkeep our houses, take care of family members, and the list goes on and on.  It makes sense that enjoying a nice meal helps relieve some of that tension that gets built up.  For me, food is a way of letting go – no one is controlling what I eat and I am not compelled by anything in that moment except the enjoyment of the food I am eating.

So now, faced with the challenge of limiting my food intake, I am starting to see where I get caught up.  If I have a particularly stressful day or week, all I want to do is go home and hop into a pair of sweats, and dig into some comfort food.  Not being able to do this means I have to find other ways to relieve stress before I will be able to really get past the temptation to eat away my day.  I haven’t found an exact solution just yet but I think realizing this was a huge step!

I can’t recommend journaling enough, especially if you are facing a problem and just don’t know where to start.  I am sure I will face many more challenges along the way and I am glad I have that tool at my disposal to really put those challenges in perspective and to understand them better.  For now, I am glad to have crossed one small hurdle that will help change my lifestyle, and not just serve as a quick fix to lose a couple pounds.


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