Just Do It

I was sitting at work today around 4:00PM when I started talking myself out of going to the yoga class I had signed up for.  I had so many excuses ready to go; I’m tired from traveling this week, I should get some extra stuff done around the house, maybe I can just go tomorrow, and so on.  Working out is not a habit for me currently, and I wish getting myself to the gym or a class just felt like second nature.

I am 2 months away from the wedding that initiated my desire to get in shape.  Let me just say, it crept up FAST.  I had such great intentions 3-4 months out, but just kept pushing off my plan.  Now I find myself in crunch time, and I am having to motivate myself with desperation rather than positivity.  Not only am I dreading going to the gym, I’m pissed at myself that I waited so long to get started.

The only thing currently getting me to the gym these days is a “JUST DO IT” mentality.  I scheduled out exactly which classes fit into my schedule for the month, and when I don’t want to go, I suck it up and get in my car and just go before I can think about it too much.  This past weekend was a perfect example – I planned to go to the 3:30PM class, but seeing they also had an 11:00AM, I got dressed and out the door before I could procrastinate.  Then had the rest of the day to myself without a workout looming over my head.

I wish that there was a way to bottle up the feeling you get after a workout.  Feeling like you have exerted yourself to the max, spent your energy, and done something good for your body makes it all worthwhile.  It is too easy to forget that in my opinion when lazier options can be so much more enticing.

It takes 21 days to form a habit, so until working out becomes a habit for me, I will have to embrace the ‘just do it’ mentality to avoid pushing my goal off any further.


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