Over-Analyzing Is Driving Me Crazy!

I journal a lot, and obviously the topic of just about every day’s journal entry is losing weight.

Journaling is fantastic because as you write, thoughts just flow, and sometimes they lead you to realizations you weren’t expecting.  On the other hand, if you are like me, you can go too far, and spend every day trying to analyze a situation.  Lately, my journal entries have been dedicated to trying to understand why the process of losing weight is so hard.  I come up with all of these theories and explanations to justify why this process is difficult for me specifically.   

Today while I was writing, I got to a point where I stopped and thought, I am being ridiculous!  I could literally write myself in circles with excuses while nothing is actually getting done.  Some things in life are actually just really difficult, and while there may be underlying factors to why my difficulties are different than someone else’s, the solution is the same.  Accept that this journey is not always going to be easy or fun!  So I wrote myself a note that I am going to refer to when I need a reality check:

That just do it mentality I’ve been applying to working out, I can also apply to my thought process around this journey.  Sometimes there is no explanation needed, and ya just gotta do it!


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